reusable solution for your Take Away foods
With Tiffin Loop reusable containers you are able to enjoy food & drinks to go without the plastic and disposable waste!

Tiffin Loop – Plastic-free reusable system

For Premium Take Away

Our app-based reusable solution for gastronomy and average consumers is completely plastic-free and made of 100 % stainless-steel. No matter if you run your own restaurant and want to spoil your guests or if you want to get take-away or food delivery to your home: With the plastic-free reusable system from Tiffin Loop, everyone can enjoy their meals as usual, while helping the environment!

Plastikfreies Take Away

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We want take-aways to be free of waste, especially plastic waste. That’s why Tiffin Loop is a simple and sustainable reusable solution for restaurants and guests.
Tiffin Loop

Make the world
a better place!

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Of plastic are saved on average per order
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and more, our containers can be rinsed
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less C02 emission per Tiffin, compared to disposable packaging

How does Tiffin Loop work?

download the app.

If you want to become a part of the loop, just download the Tiffin Loop app and discover the Tiffin Loop partner locations near you.

praktisch für Take Away

Show your personal QR code and collect your food in chic and tasteless stainless-steel containers (Tiffins), completely waste- and plasticfree.

Tiffin - echter Genuss

Enjoy your meal from the Tiffin. After that, you have 14 days to return the Tiffin to one of our partner locations.


Return the Tiffin to a Tiffin Loop partner location in a timely manner and have your QR code scanned. Now the Tiffin can enter the Loop again.

Tiffin Loop App

Du willst Nutzer:in werden, dann lade einfach die Tiffin Loop App herunter und entdecken die Tiffin Loop Partner-Orte in deiner Nähe.

Zeige deinen persönlichen QR-Code vor und nimm dein Essen ganz ohne Müll und Plastik in schicken und geschmacks­neutralen Edelstahlbehältern (Tiffins) mit.
Tiffin Loop - Echter Genuss
Genieße dein Essen aus der Tiffin. Danach hast du 14 Tage Zeit, um die Tiffin bei einem unserer Partner-Orte abzugeben. 
Tiffin Loop Bring Back
Bring die Tiffin zeitnah zu einem  Tiffin Loop Partner-Ort zurück und lasse deinen QR-Code scannen. Jetzt kann die Tiffin wieder Teil des Loops werden.
Tiffin Loop Set - Tiffin Cup und Tiffin Box

The advantages of our stainless-steel Tiffins

Reusable instead of disposable: Thanks to the stainless-steel containers from Tiffin Loop, we can reduce disposable packaging at take-aways and enjoy our food on the go with a clear conscience. Thus, no (plastic) waste is produced right from the start! We deliberately rely on stainless-steel, because this makes our Tiffins gastro-safe, cut-resistant, able to withstand 3000 + rinses and, in the end, 100% recyclable! The longer the containers can be used, the better the CO2 balance.

Download the Tiffin Loop app for free

and discover the advantages of plastic-free Premium Take Away.

Want to start looping right away? Find a Tiffin Loop partner location near you here and enjoy your next take-away – completely waste-free. When you’re out and about, you can easily identify participating restaurants or cafés by the partner location sticker at the entrance.

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Tiffin Loop App
Mitarbeiter Drinks

From Berlin
for the environment​

Of course, you could just use your own lunchbox to transport your take-away food. However, what happens if you would like to take a tasty meal home with you but did not come prepared with a container? Do you go for a disposable one? The bitter aftertaste of environmental pollution caused by disposable packaging can really spoil your meal. That’s how our founder Mustafa felt when Tiffin Loop didn’t exist.

In the process, he came up with an idea: Wouldn’t it be great if as many restaurants as possible formed a reusable cycle, so you could order take-aways when you feel like it without bringing a box! The idea was inspired by Indian culture, where home-cooked lunches are taken to work in “Tiffins”. In Mumbai, they are even delivered by the so-called dabbawallas. All this works completely without waste production and completely plastic-free… The idea for Tiffin Loop was born!

4 Good reasons for Tiffin Loop

this is how
to go tastes!

Whether it’s coffee to go or take-away food: Tiffins do not only make your food look good – they also make it taste as good as in the restaurant.

enjoy spontaneously
and safely!

Through a QR code, users can borrow several containers and safely enjoy their take-aways straight from our high-quality Tiffins.

plastic free­solution

Tiffin Loop relies on certified, high-quality stainless-steel containers and deliberately avoids plastics such as polypropylene or ABS, because we are convinced that reusable plastics and co. are not a long-term solution! 

all around!

Our containers are an environmentally friendly reusable solution because stainless-steel is robust, durable and 100% recyclable. Our goal is to become the most sustainable reusable system in the long run on an ecological, social, and economic level. We appreciate your support!


Questions about Tiffin Loop

FAQs General

Tiffin Loop is an initiative of ECO Brotbox GmbH, based in Berlin. We are a team of more than 20 committed heads who share a valuable vision. Together and with a lot of heart and soul, we want to change the take-away market sustainably. We firmly believe that we can change the food-industry to be waste-free – that’s why we work together towards this goal and contribute our ideas and time every day.

Only the highest quality stainless-steel of the type DIN 18/8 (18% chrome, 8% nickel, 74% steel) is used for the Tiffin Box. The German GALAB Laboratories have certified this material as absolutely food safe: our Tiffin Box is acid resistant and shows no odor or taste deviations – no matter what kind of food is transported. We made sure that you do not have to worry about health risks when using our Tiffins.

Customer FAQs

FIND: Download the Tiffin Loop app, register and find a partner restaurant near you.

CHOOSE: Order your food in a Tiffin and forget about disposable packaging.

ENJOY: Enjoy your food with a clear conscience – wherever you like.

RETURN: Bring the rinsed-out Tiffin back to any partner restaurant – and pick up your take-away in the Tiffin again right away.

This creates a self-contained cycle that we call the “Tiffin Loop.”

You will find participating partners in several cities in Germany. Subscribe directly to our newsletter so we can inform you regularly about our new partners.

FAQs Partner Places

BECOME A GREEN ROLE MODEL. You show that you and your restaurant care about the environment – you and your customers produce less waste, and you work together for a clean environment.

STAINLESS-STEEL INSTEAD OF PLASTIC. In the stainless-steel Tiffin, your take-away does not only look much more appetizing, but also tastes better than from classic dispos-able packaging.

ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD. Stand out from your competition – Tiffin Loop partners are pioneers in terms of sustainability and active waste prevention – consider this a plus for your catering business.

ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS. Through our Tiffin network, new customers will quickly be-come aware of your restaurant. You can be found via our website and social media chan-nels, as well as the app.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Customers become regulars. The added value your restaurant of-fers with Tiffin is sure to keep your customers coming back.

HYGIENIC & DURABLE. Food grade stainless-steel allows for thorough cleaning and hy-gienic cleanliness. The robust material withstands everyday catering and many, many runs.

Simply contact us at with your contact details and the number of Tiffins you would like to order, we take care of the rest. Soon you will be able to offer your food in our stainless-steel boxes and reduce disposable packaging. If you’re not sure how many Tiffins you need to get started, we’ll be happy to help.