Serving food and drinks To Go to your guests without having to rely on plastic or disposable packaging?



With Tiffin Loop stainless steel containers, your guests will enjoy plastic-free premium takeaways with zero disposable waste. Tiffin Loop is a deposit-free, simple and safe app-based reusable system.

Plastikfreies Take Away

How does Tiffin Loop work for restaurateurs?

To become a Tiffin Loop partner location, simply download the Tiffin Loop app and register as a restaurant.

Tiffin Loop Set als Illustration

After signing the contract, we will determine the initial stock of Tiffins you need for your restaurant. Once you've received the boxes, you're ready to go!

Tiffin Loop Offline Zugang

Now your guests can take food and drinks To Go in the Tiffins. All they need is the app or the Tiffin Card. They can purchase the Card in all partner locations for 20€.

Tiffin Loop QR Code Funktion

To rent the containers out to your guests, simply scan their QR code with your Tiffin Loop app. Scan it again when you receive them back. With the app, you're always able to track your inventory.

Tiffin Loop auf dem Smartphone

We are always there for you if you’re in need for advice or support: Not enough containers in stock? We'll send you more free of charge. Any questions? Feel free to contact us. You'll also receive marketing materials and we'll promote you on our social media channels!

Advantages for your gastronomy

Tiffin Loop Food
Tiffin Loop Partner Restaurant

Show your guests that you care about the environment.


No more upfront costs. Save on buying disposable packaging.


Our tasteless stainless steel containers make your takeaway taste the way it should: delicious, just like in a restaurant.


Through our website and social media channels you will be able to reach new customers who will be happy to hear about your sustainable reusable offer.


Your guests can use the free Tiffin Loop app or purchase the Tiffin Card for a one-time fee of 20€. With the card, they can borrow one Tiffin at a time for an unlimited amount of time.

Umsatzsteigerung dank Tiffin Loop
Mehrwegpflicht 2023
Mandatory reusable packaging law from 2023 onwards
Nachhaltiges Konzept
Vorteile für die Gastronomie: Plastikfreie Behälter
100% free from plastic and harmful material
Tiffin Loop Lieferservice
Delivery service connection via token
Sales increase
Mandatory reusable packaging law from 2023 onwards
100% free from plastic and harmful material
Delivery service connection via token

Our cost model simply explained

We have developed a risk-free, flexible and revenue-based "PAY-PER-USE" model for our partner locations.

Billing is done on a monthly basis.

A Tiffin Loop partner location only has to pay for Tiffin Loop under the premise that a food or beverage has been served to the guest in a Tiffin.

Per serving of a Tiffin Bowl 0.25€ net is charged, for the Tiffin Cup 0.15€ net.

The partner location does not have to make any advance payments or pay any start-up costs.

Tiffin Loop Set - Tiffin Cup und Tiffin Box

Become a partner location in only 3 steps

Tiffin Loop App Illustration

Download the Tiffin Loop app on your smartphone or tablet for free. Then register as a gastronomer. Without any risk! After registration we will send you a non-binding contract offer.


Once the contract is signed, you will receive your Tiffins. In addition, you will receive a starter kit with information for you and your employees and marketing material so that you can draw your guests’ attention to Tiffin Loop.  We will also promote your restaurant on our social media channels!

Now you can get started and control the process with the app: Tiffin inventory of your gastronomy in real time, manage your restaurant profile or order Tiffin container supplies – we support you fully and uncomplicatedly in establishing the Tiffin Loop reusable system.


Feedback from our Partner-Restaurants

Still have questions?
Then take a look at our FAQs.

FAQs Gastronomies

GREEN EXAMPLE. You show that you and your restaurant care about the environment – you and your customers produce less waste and you work together for a cleaner environment.

– STAINLESS STEEL INSTEAD OF PLASTIC. In the stainless steel tiffin, your takeaway not only looks much more appetizing, but also tastes better than from classic disposable packaging.

– ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD. Stand out from the competition – Tiffin Loop partners are pioneers in sustainability and active waste avoidance – a plus for your catering business.

– WIN NEW CUSTOMERS. Through our Tiffin network, new customers will quickly become aware of your restaurant. You can be found via our website and social media channels as well as via the app.

– CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Customers become regulars. The added value your restaurant offers with the Tiffin is sure to keep your customers coming back.

– HYGIENIC & DURABLE. The food-safe stainless steel enables thorough cleaning and hygienic cleanliness. The robust material can withstand everyday gastronomy and many, many runs.

Simply contact us at with your contact details and the number of Tiffins you would like. We will then take care of everything else and you will soon be able to offer your food in our stainless steel boxes and save on disposable packaging. If you’re not sure how many Tiffins you need to get started, we’ll be happy to help.

Would your customers like to do without disposable packaging and use Tiffin Loop? No problem! Our system is very simple: To use it, you and your customers need to download the Tiffin Loop app. When borrowing, the QR code shown in the app is shown to the customer and scanned by you. This gives you an overview of where your tiffins are and when they were borrowed. If the customer returns a tiffin that has been rinsed out, they scan themselves back into the system. Then the loop starts all over again and they can immediately take another meal in a new, cleaned Tiffin.

Prerequisites: The partner location needs an end device to use the Tiffin Loop app for Android or iOS, as well as an internet connection. After successful registration & activation, you can start right away. General terms & conditions of use are contractually regulated & signed by both parties. Tiffin Loop then supplies the partner location with an individual starter kit consisting of advertising materials, a stock of Tiffin Cards for sale to customers, and an agreed number and type of Tiffins. Optional removable dividers for the Tiffin Regular are included.”

Conditions: Tiffin Loop offers the following conditions for partner locations: For high flexibility & freedom, we offer a “pay per use” model. That means: Per issue of a Tiffin Regular (Bowl) we charge 0,25 € / net plus 19% VAT. For the Tiffin Cup we charge 0,15 € / net plus 19% VAT per issue. Billing is monthly. There are no further ongoing costs – neither basic fee nor start-up costs, nor does the partner location have to pay in advance. Further information on the terms and conditions as well as the fee structure is available upon request.

Konditionen: Tiffin Loop bietet folgende Konditionen für Partner-Orte: Für hohe Flexibilität & Freiheit bieten wir ein „pay per use“ -Modell. Das heißt: Pro Ausgabe einer Tiffin Regular (Bowl) werden 0,25 € / Netto zzgl. 19% MwSt. berechnet. Für den Tiffin Cup sind es pro Ausgabe 0,15 € / Netto zzgl. 19% MwSt. Die Abrechnung erfolgt monatlich. Es gibt keine weiteren laufenden Kosten – weder Grundgebühr oder Start-Kosten, noch muss der Partner-Ort in Vorleistung gehen. Weitere Informationen zu den AGBs sowie der Gebühren-Ordnung, geben wir auf Anfrage heraus.

The minimum contract period is three months. Your partnership with us is always extended by another month if you do not cancel at the end of the month. The cancellation period is one month.

In order to comply with all hygiene regulations, a dishwashing facility is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, you cannot become a Tiffin Loop Partner without one.

The partner location takes a final inventory & then sends, by mail, the remaining Tiffins, the accessories, if applicable also terminals with accessories, as well as the promotional materials to Tiffin Loop. After reviewing the returns, a final invoice will be sent to the partner location, if applicable.

No. We made a conscious decision not to offer co-branding because we want to create a large, equal movement, and we want it to be possible to return Tiffins to other restaurants.

Every contribution counts. Therefore, you can of course offer the Tiffins parallel to the disposable packaging. Please keep in mind, however, that there is a minimum purchase of ten boxes. Of course, you can increase the number of boxes at any time.

There are no costs for your customers when using the app. At the latest when a Tiffin is borrowed for the first time, a Paypal account must be linked. Only if Tiffins are borrowed & not returned within the agreed return period of 14 days, at one of the Tiffin Loop partner locations, costs are incurred.

With the expiration of the return period, 20,00 € per Tiffin will be charged, but at the same time a lifelong right of use for one Tiffin will be granted. This loan period expires – forever!

Tiffin forever! Of course, your customers can make as many Tiffin as they want their own. In this way, the system can continue to be used “without notice” as desired.

Yes, you can clean our Tiffins in a gastro or normal dishwasher without any problems. We recommend a dry rub after the rinse cycle.

Please clean the Tiffins once very thoroughly in your dishwasher before you give them out to your customers for the first time. Due to the production and transport of the Tiffins, dust or other residues may have accumulated in the Tiffins.

In this case, you can easily reorder your desired number of Tiffins at any time – we will pay the shipping costs twice a year.

It’s great that you inform your customers so diligently about Tiffin Loop! When your flyers are used up, you can easily order new flyers via the app in the support area. They will then be sent directly to you.

Sure, but please only in connection with a direct report about Tiffin Loop and a reference to us. By the way, we would be very happy if you send us a link or a voucher copy. Texts & pictures about Tiffin Loop can be found at

You do not have to take back a Tiffin that has been damaged due to gross negligence. This would be the case, for example, if the box has very large dents and it is therefore no longer closable or if the lid has been lost. Smaller dents or scratches that do not affect the functionality are normal signs of use and are okay.

When the handles or closures are no longer present or are defective, or there is an obvious material defect, such as cracks in the box.

You can return the defective Tiffins to us free of charge. Then we repair the Tiffins and they go back into the loop – recycling at 100 percent!

Our tiffins are made of 100% stainless steel. If the box is not defective due to a material defect, but due to improper handling, you can either return the Tiffins to us at your own expense. We will take care of the proper disposal. Or you can simply take them to a materials depot that also accepts scrap metal.

Customers should return the tiffins rinsed out. However, you must clean them again for hygienic reasons. You can refuse to take back heavily soiled tiffins, i.e. tiffins that have mold on them, for example.

No. The tiffins cannot be sold to customers, as they are part of the loop and serve as a reusable solution.

Currently, Tiffin Loop does not offer reusable cutlery. But our partner company ECO Brotbox (link to the spork: ) offers for example this spork and many more plastic-free products made of stainless steel. Click your way through!

We decided against using a sealing ring for several reasons. One of the main reasons was that when filling hot food and using a sealing ring, there can be a vacuum that makes it much more difficult to open the box. And since we don’t want you to be unable to get to your delicious lunch or dinner, the Tiffins are only available without a sealing ring.

Currently, the Tiffin is only available in one size and shape: Round, holds about 1.2 liters of volume, with lid, clamps and a carrying handle. If the box does not fit for your take away menu, you are welcome to tell us your wishes for possible following models.

No. If you are temporarily not participating in the Tiffin Loop, write us a short message so that we can arrange everything else together with you. Through the “pay per use” model, there are no ongoing costs for a Tiffin Loop partner location, but we still want to make sure that the Tiffins keep moving and are available to the Loop.