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About Tiffin Loop

Tiffin Loop – our story

Tiffin Loop is the first plastic-free reusable takeaway system in Germany. The idea for it was born back in 2014: our founder Mustafa, like many other people, likes to get food to go. When Tiffin Loop didn’t yet exist, Mustafa always had his own bread box with him to transport his food. At some point, he thought to himself that it would be really great if many restaurants formed a loop so that he could spontaneously use takeaway without having to bring his own box. The mission was clear: put an end to the garbage that is produced when you buy takeaway. No more garbage cans overflowing with disposable packaging and cups! It’s time for a plastic-free reusable system in the food service industry, it’s time for Tiffin Loop!

Plastic waste is a real problem
for our environment!

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Plastic waste produced
every year in Europe
0 %
are recycled
0 %
of the pollution of our
oceans is made of plastic
0 t
per person CO2 emissions
in Eu‍rope in 2020

Working together for more sustainability

The figures above are alarming, but unfortunately nothing new. Together with you, we want to curb the waste problem and free takeaway from disposable packaging. Whether you are a restaurateur or a user – with our app-based reusable system, we offer real premium takeaway for your food and drinks to go. Spontaneous, accessible, with a clear conscience and no waste! Together for more sustainability, together for the environment!

Unsere Vision:
Gemeinsam für mehr Nachhaltigkeit!

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Plastikmüll entstehen jedes Jahr in Europa
0 %
werden recycelt
0 %
der Verschmutzung unserer Weltmeere besteht aus Plastik
0 t
pro Kopf CO2 Emission in Europa in 2020

Deshalb wollen wir mit unserem App-basierten Mehrwegsystem unseren Gastronom:innen und Nutzer:innen echtes Premium Take-Away bieten! Take-Away und Getränke To Go: Spontan, zugänglich mit gutem Gewissen und ohne Müll! Gemeinsam für die Umwelt!

Our values

Environmental protection

For us, this is not lifestyle lip service, but a real reason to act. Together with our restaurateurs and users, we want to avoid waste and reduce our impact on the environment without sacrificing tasty treats at home and on the go.


Our stainless steel tiffins are robust and of high quality. They can easily withstand the rough and tumble of everyday catering and picnics in the park, because a long service life enables us to keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible.


We are Germany's first plastic-free takeaway solution! With stainless steel, we are breaking new ground, as other reusable solutions have so far mostly relied on plastic containers. Our Tiffin Loop app provides quick and easy access to our reusable system. It makes administration uncomplicated for restaurants.


We dream of an active community that inspires and supports each other. Together, we can really make a difference in terms of environmental protection and contribute to sustainable change!

The idea for Tiffin Loop

Our founder Mustafa founded the company ECO Brotbox in 2014. into being. This company sells sustainable lunch boxes and stainless steel accessories to reduce the use of plastic containers and packaging waste in everyday life. Our reusable system started as a project by ECO Brotbox: “The Tiffin Project”. Mustafa was inspired by India, where the home-cooked cooked lunches are taken to work in tiffins (stackable stainless steel containers) taken to work or, as in Mumbai, delivered through the so-called delivered by the so-called dabbawallas. Without any waste and completely plastic-free. So our name has a background: Tiffin = our reusable stainless steel container, Loop = cycle. Tiffin Loop has been an independent company since 2021, nevertheless we continue to benefit from the material expertise and also from a creative collaboration – because ECO Brotbox and Tiffin Loop share an office location in Berlin.

We start as
"Tiffin Project"

With the help of a crowdfunding campaign and the Stiftung Berlin Nature Conservation Association "The Tiffin Project" was born: Germany's first plastic-free reusable system for takeaway. Together with the first partner locations and users, we are cutting down on single-use packaging.


The project
becomes Tiffin Loop

Under a new name, but still in strong partnership with our sister company ECO Brotbox, our deposit system will become a deposit-free reusable solution for catering businesses and users. In addition to the Tiffin Loop app, the Tiffin Cup & the Tiffin Bag are among the innovations and make Tiffin Loop a reusable solution for real premium takeaway.


Mandatory reusable packaging
for restaurateurs

With our containers, the Tiffin Loop app and the connection to delivery services via token, restaurants are caterers are prepared for the since the beginning of the year Reusable packaging! Now it's time to win over more partner locations, expand the product range and avoid even more waste!

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Want to start looping right away? Find a Tiffin Loop partner location near you here and enjoy your next take-away – completely waste-free. When you’re out and about, you can easily identify participating restaurants or cafés by the partner location sticker at the entrance.

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