Take Away food wi‍thout plastic and packaging waste!
Sustainable stainless-steel containers for food and drinks To Go

Our Tiffins - plastic-free & sustainable stainless-‍steel containers

Are you looking for a sustainable reusable system?
Then Tiffin Loop is just what you need. Our app-based reusable system offers you sustainable con-tainers (Tiffins) made of stainless-steel – no plastic, no waste. Not only your guests but also the environment will love your take-away.
Triffin Products Collection

What our containers can do

Our Tiffins are made of high quality, food safe 18/8 stainless-steel!
Our Tiffins are dishwasher safe.
Our Tiffins are tested suitable for gastronomy.
Our Tiffins are easily stackable.

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Our Tiffins are made of high quality, food safe 18/8 stainless-steel!
Our Tiffins are dishwasher safe.
Our Tiffins are tested suitable for gastronomy.
Our Tiffins are easily stackable.
Tiffin Food

Facts about the Tiffin Bowl

The Tiffin Bowl is a true allrounder and can be used in many ways: Salads, curries, pasta, bowls and much more!

Volume: 1200 ml

Material: Stainless-steel

Oven proof up to 240 degrees

Feature: Stack well, 100% recyclable, with handle for easy transportation.

Tiffin Cup

Facts about the Tiffin Cup

The Tiffin Cup for coffee, (iced) tea, cocktail, shake and more. – Drinks plastic-free To Go!

Volume: 350 ml

Material: Stainless-steel

Feature: double wall insulated, for hot and cold drinks, 100% recyclable.

Download Tiffin Loop product catalog

All product information can be found in our downloadable product catalog. For questions or if you are looking for a personal consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Still have questions?
Then take a look at our FAQs.

General FAQs

Tiffin Loop is an initiative by ECO Brotbox GmbH, a company with headquarters in Berlin. We are a team of more than 20 committed out-of-the-box-thinkers with a shared valuable vision. Together and with a lot of heart and soul, we want to change the take-away market sustainably. We firmly believe that we can make food to go waste-free – that’s why we work together towards this goal and invest our ideas and time into it every day.

Only the highest quality DIN 18/8 stainless-steel (18% chrome, 8% nickel, 74% steel) is used for the Tiffin Box.

German GALAB Laboratories certified the material as absolutely food safe: our Tiffin Box is acid resistant and shows no odor or taste deviations – no matter what food is transported.

We made sure you don’t have to worry about any safety risks when transporting food in our Tiffins.

We want to avoid plastic and packaging waste and not bring any more plastic into daily use. That is why we have chosen stainless-steel.

Stainless-steel has always had a firm place in the catering industry – because it is robust, durable and easy to clean. What’s more, the Tiffins can be fully recycled should they no longer be used.

Our products are manufactured responsibly in China. We attach great importance to the origin of our products, so the production conditions on site are regularly inspected in person. This way we can be sure that our values are respected. The employed workers get a fair wage and it goes without saying that no children are employed in the production facilities. The occupational health and safety management is ISO-certified. This means that the protection of personnel and compliance with legal requirements are top priorities. Among other things, it is a given that working hours and break times are regulated. Compliance with these conditions has been certified to us by the manufacturers.

Our Tiffins are made of 100% stainless-steel. If the box is not defective due to a material defect, but due to improper handling, you can either return the boxes to us at your own expense. We will take care of the proper disposal. Another possibility is to take them to next scrap metal depot.