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Enjoying food and drinks without the plastic waste? Is that possible? Sure. Tiffin Loop’s deposit-free reusable system is the answer to your questions. Join us: Together for the environment!

Tiffin Loop – Sustainable returnable system for your To Go Meals

You're tired of producing disposable waste? Then join Tiffin Loop!

Tiffin Loop is the simple returnable system with sustainable stainless-steel containers. Let’s put an end to plastic and disposable packaging together. You and us, united in the fight against pollution! With Tiffin Loop you use a deposit-free, easy-to-use and safe returnable system. All you have to do is download the free app!

Tiffin Loop Konzept

How the loop works



Download the Tiffin Loop app from the Play or App Store and discover our partner locations near you.

praktisch für Take Away


Simply present your QR code when you pick up your food at the restaurant and receive your food in the Tiffin container. Plastic-free, waste-free!

Tiffin - echter Genuss


Enjoy your food from a tasteless Tiffin made of stainless-steel....


Bring your rinsed Tiffin to one of our partner locations. Have your QR code scanned. The Tiffin can now become part of the loop again and is available to others. You have 14 days to do this.

If you keep the Tiffin for more than 14 days, you will be charged €20 once and will be able to use the container at home. Even though this is an option, it is better to return it and make it available for others again by returning it to the loop. As soon as the container you purchased has entered the loop again, there will be no deadline for returning your next tiffin. If you have already paid for several containers, you can borrow as many containers as paid for without a return period. Note: This will only work if the containers have been returned to the loop and are no longer at home. To make the reusable cycle work most efficiently, it is best to return the Tiffins right away anyway.

Download the app for free

and discover Tiffin Loop Partner‍-‍Places near you.

Just present your QR code when you pick up your food. Enjoy your meal from the sustainable Tiffin container. Return your Tiffin as soon as possible to close the loop.

Get the free Tiffin Loop App

Tiffin Loop User App
Tiffin Loop Cup Card

Alternative: The Tiffin Card.

With the Tiffin Card you can borrow one Tiffin (container) for an unlimited amount of time. The card is not attached to one person and transferable. You can purchase as many cards as you need.

Your advantages with Tiffin Loop

Tiffin Loop in Action

We avoid plastic straight from the beginning of the manufacturing process because our Tiffin containers are made of stainless-steel. Every time you return the container to the loop, you contribute to our mission of reducing packaging waste. Through small everyday gestures we can help reduce environmental pollution together.


You’re suddenly in the mood for take-away but you didn’t bring a container? The thought of Styrofoam containers makes you reconsider if you’re really hungry? No need to worry. Just borrow a container from any restaurant that is a Tiffin Loop partner and return it during the 14 day period. Free of charge - all you need is the Tiffin Loop app or the Tiffin Card.


Our Tiffins are not only sustainable and help you to stay flexible, they are also designed to make your life as easy as possible. Due to their handle, they can be carried without a hassle. Further, they can easily be stacked if you have to transport more than one. We designed a special bag for this case to help you transport take-aways for several people: The Tiffin Bag. Got leftovers? Just put the lid on the Tiffin and store it in the fridge. Your food will stay fresh for you to enjoy it later.

Unaltered taste

Fact: Nobody likes the taste of plastic. With our tasteless stainless-steel Tiffins, everything tastes the way it should. Enjoy your meal!

Frau genießt ihr Essen aus einer Tiffin Box

What the Tiffin Loop app can do

Tiffin Loop User App 1
Our partner locations map helps you find participating restaurants near you.
Tiffin Loop User App 2
It shows you how many Tiffins you borrowed and when.
Tiffin Loop User App 3
Your personal QR code for collecting and dropping off Tiffins is always up to date.
Tiffin Loop User App 4
You can always check when you picked up your Tiffins and how many you got in your own inventory.

Das kann die Tiffin Loop App

Tiffin Loop User App 1
In der Partner-Orte Map findest du teilnehmende Gastronomien in deiner Nähe.
Tiffin Loop User App 2
Du kannst sehen, welche Tiffins du wann geliehen hast.
Tiffin Loop User App 3
Dein persönlicher QR-Code zum Leihen und Abgeben der Tiffins wird immer aktualisiert.
Tiffin Loop User App 4
Du kannst Leihfristen für deine Tiffins abrufen und siehst auch, wie viele in deinem eigenen Bestand sind.

Tiffin Loop close to you

Your place is not listed?

Your favorite restaurant is not part of it, yet?

Click on the button below, select “Suggest a partner location” in the subject line and write us which restaurant should not be missing in the loop.

Got it? Or do you need to know more?
Take a look at our FAQs

Customer FAQs

FIND: Download the Tiffin Loop app, register and find a partner restaurant near you.

CHOOSE: Order your meal at a Tiffin and reduce disposable packaging while staying flexible.

ENJOY: Enjoy your meal with a clear conscience – wherever you like.

RETURN: Take the rinsed-out Tiffin back to any partner restaurant – and pick up your next take-away in the Tiffin.

This creates a self-contained circuit that we call the “Tiffin Loop.”

App: How can I delete my account? Please follow the steps in this document

You will find participating partners in several cities in Germany. Subscribe directly to our newsletter so we can update you about our new partners.

You want to reduce plastic waste, but don’t want to give up take-aways? We got you covered! All you need is our Tiffin Loop app and you can search for partner restaurants near you. When picking up your take-away in a Tiffin, you’ll need to briefly scan in with your QR code, which will be displayed in your app, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your meal to go. When you return the Tiffin, you scan it again and get your next meal in a tiffin and contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution. Of course, you can also borrow several Tiffins at the same time. We will update you when it’s time to return them.

The Tiffins are made of high quality stainless-steel and, if handled properly, will last forever. The Tiffin was developed by specialists for diverse gastronomic requirements and is protected by patent.

Since we want to keep expanding our returnable system, we are aiming for as many Tiffins as possible to remain part of the loop. Therefore, you can pick up your food to-go from the Tiffins at any time and return the box within 14 days. If you need more time, you can pay a singular 20 € fee via the app. After that, you can keep the Tiffin as long as you like. However, we think it’s best to reintroduce your Tiffin to the Loop!

If you love the Tiffins, you can also find a great selection of stainless-steel boxes directly at ECO Brotbox (

You can keep the Tiffin free of charge for up to 14 days. If you need to keep them for longer, you’ll have to pay a singular 20 € fee. Please note: Only the Tiffins that are in the loop can replace disposable packaging and make it possible for everyone to enjoy their food waste-free. Therefore, please return the Tiffin promptly.

There is no need to worry about hygiene and health safety. The Tiffins are carefully cleaned in the restaurants after each use so that they come out sparkling clean and ready for the next take-away. Nevertheless, we ask you to rinse the Tiffin briefly after the meal and return it promptly to a participating partner restaurant. If the Tiffin is too dirty or even contains moldy remains, the restaurant may refuse to accept it.

No. Since our Tiffins are made of stainless-steel, they cannot be heated in the microwave. As an alternative, you can put the Tiffin directly on the stove top or in the oven – but be careful, it will get very hot!

You can easily return the Tiffins to any Tiffin Loop Partner Restaurant.

If the latches on your Tiffin are defective or the handles are broken off, even though you have handled the Tiffin carefully, you can exchange it for a new box at a participating restaurant – but only in conjunction with a take-away meal. However, if you treated your Tiffin poorly and did not use it properly, the restaurant may refuse to accept it. We ask you to please take good care of your borrowed Tiffin and use it only for transporting or storing food.

It’s simple: Use the Loop 🙂 Pick up a Tiffin the next time you get take-away food at a Tiffin Loop partner restaurant and return it as soon as possible so it can help reduce plastic waste for more take-away meals. Don’t forget to tell all your friends & acquaintances about Tiffin Loop, follow us on social media and feel free to show us your next Take-away in the Tiffin there too.

Sure thing – grab one of three snazzy postcards at our Tiffin Loop Partner Restaurants.